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Make it healthier.
Make it Magic.

Making Brisket?
Make it magic.

Whatever you are making.
Make it Magic.

Making Steak?
Make it Magic.

Mis’ Rubin’s Legendary Black Magic steak dry rub was made for the grill and brings out the best in steak, ribs, burgers, pork, and wild game.

An All-Purpose seasoning that is truly versatile. The balanced flavor profile has a hint of citrus and is a perfect complement to chicken, fish, veggies, and more!

An eighty-year-old recipe makes the Fish Magic Seasoning one of the most authentic and time-tested ways to spice up your next seafood dish.

The heirloom recipe behind our Creole Magic Seasoning has been adding southern comfort to gumbos, red beans, and hearty stews for over eighty years.

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Check out our real customer reviews to see why we’ve been in kitchens for 85 years.

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Embrace Healthy, Delicious Meals
We’re all looking to live happier, healthier lives and that starts in the kitchen. And at Mis’ Rubin’s we know that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean missing out on great taste. That’s why our seasonings are gluten free, contain no MSG, and are lower in sodium than other common spices on the market. Made right here in Alabama, we’re ready to bring you amazing flavors that fit perfectly with your healthy lifestyle.

More than a Business—We’re Family
There are a lot of options out there when it comes to herbs and spices, but few have a storied history quite like Mis’ Rubin’s. We appreciate our customers that we get to build real relationships with all over the world. We understand that a great meal can bring people together and create family traditions that last for generations. And we’re grateful to be a part of those traditions.

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