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Mis' Rubin's Magic Steak Marinade

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Lower Sodium

What makes it magical

Mis Rubin’s legendary Black Magic steak dry rub was born to be kissed by the flames and bring out the best in steak, ribs, burgers and pork. There’s no over-using this spice rub, like all good things, the more, the better.

Mis' Rubin's Creole Magic Seasoning

Mis' Rubin's Magic Steak Marinade

Mis' Rubin's Steak Marinade is a bold and flavorful marinade created in 1935 at the old Penny Profit grocery store in Montgomery, AL. We have been a staple in family kitchens for over 85 years. Our Steak Marinade is a delicious blend of our unique spices that adds a magical flavor to beef, pork, and wild game. Shake well for a great mix, and add to food before and during cooking. Enjoy more flavor without the excess salt!

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