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Black Magic Seasoning is the best seasoning for beef that I have ever tried. I have been using it for 15 years and I will not use any other seasoning. I use the White Magic on eggs and potatoes, and vegetables. Black Magic and White Magic bring out an excellent flavor to food. Both are a staple in my kitchen.


-Eva DeGregory


I am experimental with my cooking and constantly try new recipes and cooking instructions. The only recipe I haven't modified is my steak! Black Magic steak, hands down, is the best meal I make. After 10 years of grilling Black Magic steaks, I don’t want to change a thing. Everyone loves my steaks. Friends even started bringing steaks for me to cook. Mis Rubin's is awesome! I have been recommending and even giving Black Magic to friends and family for the past 10 years. I just wish I'd discovered it sooner.


-Eric Walker


I have been using Mis' Rubin's seasonings for the over 15 years. The Black Magic Charcoal dry rub is our family’s favorite. Sprinkle on both sizes and watch the charcoal goodness caramelize on the meats during the cooking process. The flavor it adds is sensational to just about anything. Our family enjoys a good steak. I have used Mis' Rubin's Black Magic on every steak I have cooked since we discovered this tasty seasoning! I also use it on my smoked chicken wings...a very big hit within our circle of family and friends. My wife uses the White Magic to prepare her favorite chicken salad and pasta dishes. We love Mis' Rubin's and will continue to enjoy the unique flavor for years to come.


-Ron & Terri Crimaldi Riverview, Fl


I first had Mis’ Rubin’s Seasonings when I was a little girl growing up in Montgomery. My family would get a steak from Penny Profit and it would have black magic on it. That was probably 50 years ago! I love both Black & White Magic! I generally use White Magic on Chicken and Black Magic on steaks and burgers. I get the most compliments on Grilled chicken… Southerners are good cooks so when we all get together and bring a dish, there is a lot of competition. When I take grilled chicken seasoned with White Magic it is the hit of every event. I love the attention, but of course I share my secret! When I have people go on and on about how good it is I have to give them a bottle!


-Carol Smyser
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