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Mis’ Rubin’s always had a special meaning for me.  I grew up working in the Penny Profit butcher shop during the summers and was hooked on the seasonings from an early age.  The atmosphere of a family business was really appealing.

After working in another industry and geography for a while, I offered to fill orders for my grandmother as she was looking to slow down.  We forwarded the business number to my cell phone and it started ringing off of the hook!

The customers on the other end of the phone were from all walks of life and spread all over the country. They were so thankful to find out that our spices were available through retail outlets and online!  And they all had a story about how and when they found our seasonings.  Mis’ Rubins was so much more than just another brand.  They all had such conviction and enthusiasm about the Magic seasonings.  

My wife and I immediately realized the potential of the brand and began taking steps to rebuild it back in Alabama. In 2019, Jay Evers joined our team.  He has been a great addition.  His industry experience and diverse skill set have been invaluable as we continue to grow the brand.

In Jay's words, "Mis' Rubin's was a client in my consulting business, and I saw the same quality and potential as I did with Milo's Tea many years ago.  Robert asked me to the join the team, and I said "yes."  I'm excited to be a partner in Mis' Rubin's Seasonings and back in the grocery business.  I love the whole process - from production to the shopping cart."

We're grateful to be a part of family gatherings around the world and are honored to continue the Mis’ Rubin’s tradition.

-Robert Landers

Robert and Ashley Landers

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