BBQ Season - Just Getting Started.

For most of the country, then end of summer and the start of school means less Back Porch BBQs with friends and family. Being from the South, it means we're just getting started. 

Football season is upon us. With football season comes tailgating, game-watching parties, etc. The best time of the year to crank up the grill, heat up the smoker or put a pot of chili on the stove. There is absolutely nothing better than a Saturday in the fall, cooking out with great friends with great football on the TV. 

Here at Mis' Rubin's, we take pride in our Game Day Traditions. Whether it be a healthy dose of pancakes, Conecuh Sausage and mimosas in the morning, or BBQ Ribs, Pulled Pork Sandwiches and sweet tea in the afternoon, we make sure we have enough food to go around.



They say that people nowadays would rather sit at home than experience the game first-hand. Things like, quality of TV programming, comfortability, ease... all play their role in keeping people at home. What people don't realize is that their missing the reason people started going to games in the first place... for community!

It's all about waking up, getting dressed, heading out to the quad, or the grove or wherever... meeting up with old friends and making new ones too! You'll see in our social media, we like to use the "hashtag", #makinfriends. That's what we're about... makin' friends. This football season, whether it's around the grill, around the TV or at the tailgate, let's make some friends.

Our challenge for us and for y'all this year: go out of your way to make friends with the people around you this football season. Who knows... they might even play for the other team, but it's worth a shot!

Mis' Rubin's Seasoning is a great conversation starter and goes great on any plate. Hand out some burgers & ribs and make some new friends. We'll see ya there.

#makinfriends #makefriendswithyourbutcher

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