Our Story

We have satisfied our loyal customers with unique fine spice and herb blends for over 75 years!

 In the early 1920's, Rubin Hanan emigrated from Greece to pursue the American dream. He settled in the southern town of Montgomery, Alabama and opened a corner grocery store in 1935.

 Rubin ran a fine store with a focus on  quality meats and customer      satisfaction. His store was well  received, but something in particular  was creating a buzz among the locals.

 All the talk wasn't about Mr. Hanan or  his choice cuts. His wife, Mis' Rubin,  as she was known around town, was  creating amazing dry rubs and  delicious seasonings.  

 The popularity of Mis' Rubin's  Seasonings spread throughout the  region and they became kitchen  essentials to many devoted  customers.

 Our Black and White Magic  Seasonings are as beloved today as  they were back then.  

Rubin passed these seasoning recipes down to my father, who then passed them along to my wife and me.

We hold these recipes near and dear to our hearts. They are a link to our past and a way for us to honor our family and their many years of hard work. We are thrilled to continue this family tradition and proud to share our seasonings with you.

Thanks and enjoy!

Robert and Ashley Landers